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La hora
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This city is one of the most special places in this world. The last time I was here was a really complete trip, day and night. This time I'm more relaxed: meeting friends, wandering without maps, eating cholesterolic English breakfasts, and all the typical stuff a Londoner does.

Yesterday I spent most of the time at the Soho. It's quite similar to the Fuencarral area in Madrid, but the social fauna is light years more diverse. People stand out the bars drinking, or lay at the ground in the Soho square... everything very appropiate for the season. Today I'll be a bit more cultural (want to visit the Imperial War Museum and going back to the British), and this evening Mireia, Jonathan and me will be drinking and doing crazy things at the Soho pride (don't ask me what's that exactly...).

Ken, we love you.


4 Responses to “LONDON TIME”

  1. # Blogger Peter in Japan

    Hello from a half-Brit (I'm American, but my father hailed from Chipping Camden). You have a very nice blog, and I wanted to say the picture on this post is really excellent. Was it taken with a phone cam?  

  2. # Blogger Alex Guerrero

    No, all the compliments should go to Accidente.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous
  4. # Anonymous Anonymous
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