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Sometimes I think it is my mission to bring faith to the faithless, and doubt to the faithful


I arrived to Girona yesterday, in a relaxed trip of hour and half from Barcelona. It’s pretty like the jump from New Haven to Manhattan, but crossing the green core of Catalonia’s forests. Lluis and Vanesa were welcoming and generous, and took me to a walk throught the old town, the Jewish district (the Call Jueu), the beautiful Cathedral and the many bridges that hold the old city to the new parts, in the other side of the river. All this was pleasant and fun, and we ate some local pizzas and crepes in the fashionable Bistrôt, the most decent, but inexpensive, restaurant of the Call Jueu.

We had a lot of luck these days. Two or three times, the waivers failed to make us to pay the right bill, so we paid less in many places. Catalan spirit was imposed, hehehe.

Today, they took me to the airport, after a nice breakfast of local fuet. The airport of Girona is one of the less busy and most beautiful platforms of Europe, with extremely beautiful sightseeing of the (now green) Pyrenees from their windows. They are impressive mountains, closing your view, but making you to feel covered by their gigantic height. Stanstedt and Alvaro are waiting for me…


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