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"This is something Madrid will always lack", Luis told me after diving five meters around me. It was 08:00 of Sunday morning. The water was hot, extremely well, and the sun was rising at that very moment. I was wondering if there really are marvelous moments in life, but this one went directly to that folder. Together with friends, these unique moments in which you enjoy life give sense to all our stories.

I feel prepared for the big step. I feel I was said goodbye (in a real, non-formal sense) to all the people I care for. I'ld like to start walking right now. Less than four weeks for the American adventure, I have to go first to UK for some those courses, and came back to Spain to say the last goodbye to my family. They have become a very important piece of my life, but I have learnt that I'm not done for living with them: five years out made me a zealous person about my autonomy and daily organization, and little receptive to criticism about the way I do things. Hope this don't ruin future relationships! :-)

Photo: Luis walking to the shore. We took a refreshing dip while the sun was rising, here at Barcelona. We meet at 2 13 Bar, at the Raval, around 02:00am. Jeff had good relationship with the owner, so we 'close the bar' in the petit chill-out after 04:00am. Then we move with Abraham, a waiter from the local, to La Paloma, jumping throught the line and entering for free (by the face!) in this temple of BCN's electronica. Final beers at CCCB's square and a nice walking to the beach. This city can offer more than I did expect!


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