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Introducing The Travel Team!

I am not travelling alone. As famous as he is, Hamtaro (right in the photo) is gonna be again in this adventure. Born in Vietnam, he has become an essential partner in any of my trips around the world (Err... yes, I forgot him when I went to Peru, but it was a Culkin-like error. I swear!).

Tweaky (down), came from Chile but born in China, is the loyal puppet of the Chinese Chin (middle), a far parent of the Changolin family. He is the new adquisition to this selected group, and the boxes are almost plenty and closed for the trip. I'm thinking in the possibility of bringing Juan with us, but it should be discussed in pétite comitee. Hamtaro doesn't agree completely (due to his jealous nature), but I'm sure I will be able to handle with this situation. Four is better than three... especially for matters of love & sex. ;)


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  1. # Blogger Rob Gordon

    Wooooooooo. You can't say that you feel alone in the States with that little family. Anyway, I can't understand why don't you want to invite Juan to the trip. Remember that he is the puppet that hold you at bed during more than two years. We will miss you so much...  

  2. # Blogger Rob Gordon

    Please, add my fotolog in your favorite links if you want to continue being my friend.  

  3. # Blogger Tok

    estas loco si crees que te voy a postear en inglés, con la jaqueca que me da leer...  

  4. # Blogger Alex Guerrero

    No es necesario que nadie me escriba en ingré!

    Se puede postear (y me sentiría halagado si alguien lo hiciera, especialmetne cuando cuente CARNAZA) en cualquiera de los idiomas peninsulares (menos el euskera, que todavía no lo domino y siempre pienso que me están insultando), y en lengua britona...  

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