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Hello All!

This August the 13th I'll be moving from my beloved, sunny Spain, to a place where the weather is not the big point, but where I expect to find big changes in a different life.

Everything started the last year, when I suddenly decided to apply for a scholarship from La Caixa Foundation. I hit the chance, and two months later they give me the big surprise: I'll be admitted. The tortuous road to Yale was starting.

Tons of bureaucracy and applications later, I'm at the beginning of this summer 2006, closing boxes in my old flat in central Madrid, thinking in the beaches of Barcelona (and in some courses of statistics in the much ugly Essex). But the expectations about my new life in New Haven, CT, are growing each day.

New Haven is a small city (123.000 hab.), hour and half from NYC, that houses the University of Yale, where my bones are going to lay for a couple of years. The idea initially made me to tremble, because I was leaving a city that I loved (Madrid), a group of friends and a street life that made me to feel that, at least, I catched up the "equilibrium". I have all I need from this life, and I was going to jump onto the unknown, onto an adventure that can have a happy end... or anything less compelling.

But I think it will be for good.


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    for sure! it will be for good!!! Un saludo!!!  

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