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Sometimes I think it is my mission to bring faith to the faithless, and doubt to the faithful


Yesterday, me and 350 kg of boxes and luggage traveled througout 625km until the hottest coasts of Catalonia. Ironically, yesterday was the hottest day of the summer, termometers reaching more than 40º (Celsius) in the country. I think I lost 3-4 pounds in the exercise of moving everything from my old good flat in Chueca to my room in my parents' house. I'm a real exhausted guy! All the exercise I have forgot to do along the year, despite the expensive adquisition of the gym's card, I have done in just 48hours! Someone should seize that World Cup to Cannavaro because I deserve it ten thousand times more than him and his perfect teeth (Grrr!!).

In any case, after hours and hours of unpacking all this stuff, and putting my friends in an outstanding position, you'ld say that I did a good job. Now, I find my old room a good place to stay again. I'm like "at home". At least, for the next month! :)


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