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This is my four night here in the English countryside. I landed this saturday and Alvaro quickly integrated me in his daylife here. I'm here for taking a summer course on something really boring about statistical methodologies, but very useful for my future research.

The fact is that I have meet a lot of new people here, very quickly, and my integration inside the English-speaking world is surprisingly easy. This makes me feel confident for my years in the US.

Chin also is very happy. Essex is an university with around 8,000 students, and 1,000 of them are from China. Not from Chinese origin, but directly from China. They are the bigger non-British community here, followed by Greeks and Italians. And Chin has made a lot of new friends. The whawhawha rumor of Chinese talking in their language makes me feel sleepy, but anyways, they and the African or Indian subdits give a lot of color to this Campus.

Essex University is one hour to the north of London. 25 pounds far, actually. Here there are forests, lakes and grass surrounding all the ugly campus, a monster made by a psychotic architect. But well, this is really a change from my usual life: a change of just 2 weeks, luckily.

This weekend I'll be moving to my London...


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  1. # Blogger Tok

    eyyyyyyyyyyyyy chin du yu lok japiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!
    y te compran revistas de cotilleo y todo!!!! aunque dudo que puedas rivalizar con la ingestión de papel cuché que están teniendo tus primos, aislados en la pequeña village se alimentan casi en exclusiva de la tele, y cada uno ha organizado una plataforma de apoyo una a favor de mayte y otra a favor de I. P. el otro día casi llegan a las manos no te digo más!!!! we miss u  

  2. # Blogger Alex Guerrero

    Tienes que leer Tony&Guy. Esa revista te encantaria...

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous
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