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These days are really nice here. A perfect climate, just some degrees over the average, and blue skies over Britain. People is warm and polite, really nice, but maybe somewhat distant. Anyway, Alvaro is here, and the Spanish people wandering in the campus is also very talkative.

Internally, I feel best prepared for the big jump: I feel confident speaking in English, and I have forgot these anxieties previous to the trip. As I never spent one sole week in an English-speaking country (because it was really expensive for us), the experience sums the surprise of seeing myself talking in a progressing but fluent English, and the simplicity of the language for the daily tasks. I think things will become easier in a couple of weeks.

I miss many things from Spain: my friends, the physical contact with others, the sense of humor, the lack of formalities in many environments, the food... Yeah, my stomach is deviating all the English food to the junk mail folder, and I think I will explode in a handful days. Hehehe...

In the photo, Chin after eating some of the delicious Chinese varieties from the supermarket (from 0,30 to 0,60pounds a meal).


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  1. # Blogger Tok

    si las formalidades, acabo de llegar de el médico del seguro que sustituia a mi adorada doctor y el tio me recuerda que le trate de usted que no nos hemos tomado nunca una cerveza juntos ni gana oiga.... aich que bien estás ahiiiii  

  2. # Blogger verdeº

    Acabo de leerte por primera vez, ya veo que tienes blogs en español y en inglés, me gusta :) que tengas buen verano en USA ;)  

  3. # Blogger Alex Guerrero


    Tok, bienvenida a casa de nuevo. Te hemos echado muuuuuuucho de menos. :)

    Verde! Thanks for all! He visto tu blog y me ha gustado muito muito. :)  

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