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Bored at Sterling Memorial Library

I yawn. I'm getting sleepy and I can't continue writing. My mind is dense today, like the atmosfere at the Yale's Sterling library. I browse for a second. "Uhm, what if..."

I google Sterling. Dozens of results. But one catches my attention. "Bored at Sterling". I click and...
A website has born. The people around me is probably there, posting their thoughts while they escape from their research. Just for a while. But just to break the silence of the room thru the WiFi signal. Everyone was silent, but, at the same time, every mind was connected in that collective discussion. No ego is possible, because it's completely anonymous.

That's a surprising phenomena. And it has been replicated in every Ivy league university:

Sterling (Yale), The Rock (Brown), Butler (Columbia), Uris (Cornell), Baker (Dartmouth), Lamont (Harvard), Bobst (NYU), Firestone (Princeton), Green (Stanford) and Van Pelt (UPenn)

Nowadays, the most active libraries are Harvard's, Yale's and NYU's libraries, so I suppose that the boredom is well concentrated in the East coast (people in the West Coast probably is on the gym right now). :)
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  1. # Blogger Xavi Menós

    Yo me pregunto. Si uno está cansado y la mente no puede más porqué se ponen a escribir y postear en internet? Señal que la mente no está tan cansada no?  

  2. # Blogger Alex Guerrero

    Ojito que es "bored" y no "tired at Sterling". ;)  

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