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NYC => MAD => BCN => MAD => NYC

Three weeks, three cities. I left New York to Spain on December 15th, and I came back the last week. Christmas, dinners, friends, family, events, concerts, meetings. Everything has been almost perfect. I came back with full batteries and a lot of energy to start the next semester.

Take an eye to the 140 pics summarizing the trip.

Regards to all the people I could meet, kiss, hug, talk to, laugh with...

Xurxo, Laura, Pepa, Nayo, Eloy, Vanessa, Antonia, Marta, Gonzalo, Judith, Javi, Augusto, Iván, Torrijos, Mariajose, Luis, Lluis, Álvaro, Sara, Paco, Montse, Izan, Ricarda, Lola, Abuela, Noemi, Mauricio, Hakkim, Mar, Laida, Montse, Xavi, Crístian, Alvaro, César, Sonia, Dolors, Mireia, Leo, and all the other nice people there, giving love.


7 Responses to “NYC => MAD => BCN => MAD => NYC”

  1. # Blogger Xavi Menós


    Thank you for your warm regards!  

  2. # Anonymous changolin

    y nosotros? te va a aguantar tu crónica del fin de semana, el chin el cantaor....  

  3. # Blogger Alex Guerrero

    Jarl, juro que en el texto original estábais! No sé como os habréis traspapelado! :)

    De todos modos, tranquilos, que salis en las fotos.  

  4. # Blogger ninest123
  5. # Blogger ninest123
  6. # Blogger ninest123
  7. # Blogger ninest123
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