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After 20 hours we landed at the Indianapolis Airport. Carol Myint, the social coordinator, was the typical Midwest, blonde, fourty-some, WASP and smiling American woman that welcomed us in an effusive maner.

I have lost a suitcase. The bigger one. All the things for keeping my face ok were in that luggage. Funny. Really funny. But at least, I am not in the case of others: some people lost all the luggage, others just have their Winter clothes (and this is like... er... the Sahara... with humidity).

On the order side, they are fattening us... like pigs. Maybe they want to slaughter us the last day. Choricitos españoles (uhm!). There are no classes. No duties. No obligations. This is like a summer camp, and we are enjoying it A LOT. Today we visited the Monroe Lake, a beautiful (and huge) lake in the middle of seignorial mansions and nice resorts. We were fatten again, and we spend the whole afternoon sailing in a boat, similar to the Spanish concept of "semi-yate", and swimming in the hot water.

Chin is really happy because everyone has accepted him quickly. The mascot of the group!!!



  1. # Blogger Tok

    solo me he leido la última frase porque mi conexión en mi segunda residencia es un horrorrrrrrr!!!!
    lo de chines verdad o un mro recurso literario para animar una historia??? cuando vuelva a Madrid, tengo grandes ideas!!!!!!
    y cuento con Chin ijijiji, por cierto qué hay de lo que te pedi? te podías leer un poquito la prensa de los pubs y pasar de tanto diplomatique rojo y anitsionista...  

  2. # Anonymous Rob Gordon

    Woooooooowwww! North Americans know how to buy new and intelligent minds of brilliant foreigners. Firstly they offer them "choricitos", and then, the attractive Spanish Politics specialists decide to stay in the States, FOREVER. Don't allow that they buy to you!!!  

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