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Six Projects

So many time focus on myself and it's already July 22th! I cannot afford to have an improductive summer, so I pledge that I will achieve this ten goals by the end of the summer. I tried to be a mix of personal hobbies, academic landmarks and life improvements.

Let me know your thoughts:

1. Empire (Photography Project).

Capture the essence and the soul of the Empire in Washington DC. Suggested areas to capture the feeling: the mall, the political power, the banking institutions of global power, the guards and military people, the statues of generals, the residences of the ambassadors, the war memorials...

2. People (Photography Project plus Writing)
Photobook of as much people I met in DC as I can, trying to capture their personal "soul". Then I will write a short story, fictional or real, about them. And finally I will build a book with those materials.

3. Publish the paper on Tax Capacity in Public Administration and Development or a similar journal.
After cleaning a little bit the contents, a little bit of proof-reading, and this can add to the list. No more delays!

4. Write an article for Global Affairs.
I have had so much time having the opportunity, and thinking on writing about relevant topics. Enough. I will publish a 1500 words article on recent nationalization processes in Latin America.

5. Painting my room in lively colors.
Because white is so pale, I want the windows and door frames to inspire my days. I will upload pictures of the evolution of my works on Flickr, to accept suggestions.

6. Learning Kayaking by the Potomac.

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