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Landing in Spain

This is the Spring Break. And this is me landing in Spain. I had to make a 5h early bird connection at Madrid, before heading to Barcelona. The new Barajas' Terminal 4 is one of the most beautiful hubs in the world, only comparable to the Charles DeGaulle or some Asian cool airport. I love the oceanic forms, colors, materials and light games that the architects Antonio Lamela and Richard Rogers gave to that new terminal. It's a really nice face to say "hi" to the world and to show the so-called New Spain. The Spain Builds itinerating exposition goes (went) in the same way. I love that country!

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5 Responses to “Landing in Spain”

  1. # Blogger Xavi Menós

    Benvingut a casa nin!  

  2. # Blogger MJ

    Qué lejos estás, chiquilín. Pasatelo muy bien!!!  

  3. # Blogger JAL

    El diseño de las piezas metálicas fue complicado, y cuando las estábamos fabricando pensábamos que iba a ser imposible cumplir, al final salió bien.  

  4. # Blogger Alex Guerrero

    Argh, JAL, no puedes decir eso y no explicarnos tu rol en la Terminal!!! :)  

  5. # Blogger chenlina
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