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Winter Postcard

Freezing is a whole new experience for me. Minus 12º and you can't breath, and the skin chaps in your hands or face. The sun is just a fake, a bulb illuminating everything, but not warming it. But you learn to live in that environment. And you become more domestic, quiet, and sleepy. Just like a polar bear. I always fought against culturalist explanations, but the weather is something that should impose some features to the character of New Englanders. Or maybe it's not a feature, and it is a bug! ;)

Anyways, someone told me that if you believe that your culturalist explanation is comprehensive, and that no institution can change that, just look at North/South Korea. And if you believe that culture doesn't matter at all, just look at the minorities in your own country. He is probably right, but it's too cold to think about it.

From left to right: Roger (my wii nemesis), Jonathan (my new roommate) and Vicky (the most wonderful chef in New Haven).

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    Please, report your weather bugs to the Arcangel engineering room.  

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