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Changing the Hour

After three months here, I have been unable to deal with the American schedule. I tried to fix it, but the big problems are common to other Spaniards: eating at noon, dinning at 0600pm, sleeping soon, an early awake. Street life is almost zero after 0430pm here, and shops are closed before the evening. I tried to adjust to that schedule, but I have to be honest: it was a complete failure. Until now...

I have been testing my new strategy for a week, and it works fabulously: welcome to my own imaginary time. I moved a clock two hours later than the real time, and now I feel comfortable with those things:

a) I wake up at 0700am but my clock says 0900. I usually think: "wow, I have slept a lot today!"
b) At 1200pm I'm really hungry (my watch says 0200pm).
c) I don't feel strange eating at 0630pm (0830pm in my imaginary time).
d) And I feel like tired at 1100pm (0100am)

Stupid, uh? But as stupid as it looks, it works pretty well for me. I think I doubled my productivity in the last week, and now I'm almost the first in getting into the department or leaving it. Try it!


8 Responses to “Changing the Hour”

  1. # Blogger Clausius

    That's a great idea. Does it really work? However, I normally have lunch around 1.30pm. There are more Spanish people here in Santa Bárbara. And the dinning time... also "spanish", at 9.30-10pm. That's what I often do when I am abroad. I have lunch a little earlier than in Spain (but no so much earlier as the local people do) and have dinner at the normal Spanish time.

    Regards from the Pacific Coast.  

  2. # Blogger idp

    nen ho hauré d'intentar perque jo encara no he aconseguit cap coherència amb el meu horari....més aviat podriem dir que no tinc horari! ho intentaré!  

  3. # Blogger sonajero de colores

    m'encanta la idea!

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