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Spain New Year's Eve Advertisements

There are two traditions in Spain when it comes to New Year's Eve. The first one is to eat twelve grapes as a bell is jingling in Madrid's main square at midnight. You guarantee twelve months of good luck if you eat them on time.

The second tradition is to guess the last advertisements of the year to appear in the public tv channel, always three of them. This year I said: "a bank, a car company and coca-cola". And, exactly, La Caixa ("Obra Social"), SEAT (the national car-maker) and Coca-cola appeared in front of us as the year came to an end.

Since I had memory, Coca-cola was one of the latests ads of the year, but never the final one. For third consecutive year, tho, La Caixa Obra Social got the prize. It paid 12.000 Eur's per second, in a 20-seconds spot. A massive amount of money spent in advertisement now that we have so many channels. Compared this 240.000Eur spot with the second most expensive one: 64.000 in a private channel.

Anyhow, it´s a beautiful spot, with one of the most awesome songs ever. I feel proud of being one of the 20 millions benefiting from the social work of La Caixa (in my case, in scholarships to study abroad!)... so, for so many dreams coming true... THANKS guys!

But, interestingly, this tradition is reflecting which are the economic forces driving Spain in every specific year. In this one, after the housing market burst, the usual institutions (national banks, foreign-owned national old industries and foreign corporations) are driving the Spanish economy. Everything too much traditional for a globalized world


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