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Washington Institutions (I)

I´m gonna change the focus of this blog. It´s gonna be still a selfish approach to myself, yeah, but I understand that this is not going to be interesting for a majority.

In the last half a year, I have been stepping in every single international institution in Washington. The experiences inside those vast complexes (the World Bank, the IMF, the Inter-American Development Bank, to just cite the well-known) have been amazing. Many prejudices fell, others were confirmed, but the experience is being awesome and I think it´s worth to share.

Let the next posts deal with the hot topics those big institutions of global rule are dealing with, the working of the big machines, the gossiping in the international scene, and let me to draw how I think our future is gonna be in this rock floating in the space. Yeah, my secret dream was to be a fortune-teller, like any economist/political scientist proud of such a name. :)

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4 Responses to “Washington Institutions (I)”

  1. # Blogger David

    We'll look forward to them. Sounds interesting!  

  2. # Blogger blummenkohl

    hola, entonces ya no vas a hablar de temas varios¿
    solo enfocado a la banca¿
    yo solia isitarte para saber de q cosa hueva hablabas en tu post.
    esta genial q alternes inglés y castellano.
    besos un saludo  

  3. # Blogger Alex Guerrero

    Hombre, Blummenkohl, a mi la "banca" me importa un pimiento y prefiero tus visitas. A lo que me refiero es que me gustaría más tratar los temas de la fontanería de a donde vamos como mundo y por qué estamos como estamos. No te preocupes que procuraré sonar algo interesante.  

  4. # Blogger blummenkohl

    Perdona. Todo lo que tu veas mejor para ti es un buen cambio. No tendria q haber hecho ese comentario. Lo siento.
    Un saludo  

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