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By doing nothing...

"And you can also commit injustice by doing nothing". I read this sentence today and kept my thoughts playing with it for a while. The news are packed with stories about governments around the world trying to fix the misfortunes of this trembling capitalist-consummerist system, to agree on how to stop climate change, on how to -in general- save us from our homemade monsters.

The European Left, that oxymoron empty of new ideas, of any new answer to the ills of the world, is unable to dream. It is trapped by the fear of change, by commitments with the "moderates" -who are they? where do they hide?-, by a comfortable rethoric of social liberalism -more gay rights! fight climate change! end the war!- unable to think big about the human being, about the human experience, about what the hell makes us genuinely happy. Nowadays, nobody would be so blind to see that the system we have created, where we are designed to grow, work for megalocorporations -or their subsidiaries, produce, consume, e-consume, multiply and die is forgetting the bottom line of human life: we weren't meant to be connected to this Matrix. We were meant to enjoy from the simple pleasures, the company of our beloved, the tribal sense of community around the bonfire in a starred night, the feeling of the wind and the light rain in the face, the pleasure of our hands smelling to wet ground and fruits after harvesting them. The joy of enjoying, slowly, from the feast of meats and greens, from the company of others, from their careness, from their desire, from the music bringing us back memories of good old times... But the European left, and the left around the world, doesn't have any imagination, and they shameless stamp a seal of approval to a system that commits many injustices every day, the biggest one being to curtail our right to happiness. "And you can also commit injustice by doing nothing"...


"Don't ever forget these things:

The nature of the world.
Your nature.
How you relate to the world.
What proportion of it you make up.
That you are part of nature, and no one can prevent you
from speaking and acting in harmony with it, always."
(Marcus Aurelius)

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