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The left won in El Salvador. It's the first time in their democracy that the ruling party is not going to be re-elected, as it happened the last 22 years. This is a much needed democratic oxygen for the small nation.

I don't think that president Funes would be able to transform his society too much in just a mandate. There are many equilibria difficult to break in a heartbeat, which is what a 5-years mandate is. Many things will be reverted though, and women will gain protagonism (FMLN is by far the party with more women in politics, and the one linked to the women rights associations), taxes will become fairer and social policies will be common in depressed areas.

Many people will be finally represented. Much can be done to restore the memory of those civilians, innocent peasants, who unfairly fell under the fire of the paras and the army during the Civil war and were forgotten. It's not random that the most educated and the poorest people in El Salvador were behind the FMLN victory, according to every published poll.

This country needed him so badly...

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  1. # Anonymous jordi

    bueno, te perdiste la fiesta, pero lo importante es que ha ganado funes! celebrar se puede también en tegucigalpa!
    como siempre, un placer leerte.
    buen viaje & cuídate.  

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