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Sometimes I think it is my mission to bring faith to the faithless, and doubt to the faithful


Life should be limited to eating Garifuna's rice dishes, feeling the sunset breeze of the Caribbean under a beach hut, sipping the sweet taste of rum, listening to the stories of new fathers or mothers about their 3 years old children, or the seagulls heading to the port, or the latin music coming from the next beach bar some meters away, or the awesome silent under a sky full, full of stars, or just the waves at night...

No more, no less...

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    You read Dr. Clement's Guazapa. I like you. How are things with the FMLN's-victory I wonder? Besides the rampant violence, have you notice the Environmental chaos everywhere? Ironic, no drinking water for hamlets but enough for the water parks!

    Stay Alive Down There!

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